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you could be the best thing for me,while im the worst for you.I really am some kind of monster,i throw fits and get so angry,while you sit there calmly telling me you are sorry ..and the words coming from you’re innocent lips,make me want to engrave my nails to your back as your arms secure around me,as tears rolss down my face,i have never met a human,so calm,so,so, beautiful..the way your eyes glow,and your smile brightens the room..the flow of your body,and the way it presses around mine,i can feel your heartbeat …the flow goes along with calms me down,your voice,

let go, you’re eyes only see your future.

I keep having these dreams,known as nightmares. I don’t consider them nightmares though. The legend is,you never die in your dream,and if you notice, you don’t. It’s intolerable to force yourself to stay asleep while your fixing to die. If you die in your dream,then you die in your sleep, …these nightmares keep coming every night here recently,and tonight my body doesn’t feel right. My head is spinning out if control, and my heart is beating faster than a teenager on heroine…i don’t understand this feeling. I don’t want to goto sleep, i hate these nightmares and what they’re becomingm I get a little closer to death each night.

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